Salim Ejnaïni - Year-end Fundraiser

Salim Ejnaïni - Year-end Fundraiser

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Dear Friends,

This year the sanitary context has brought us plenty of challenges and we have all been through difficult moments. However, solidarity should more than ever be part of our lives, because it's through giving that we can evolve and remain close-knit as a community.

In this festive period, may I invite you to donate 1€ to support the 9.000+ children in impoverished communities who benefit from JustWorld funding.

More than doing good, you will be entering to win fabulous prizes through the #Gamechanger Solidarity Sweepstakes.

We can change the world together, so please join me today!



By making a 1 € donation you are entering to win fabulous prizes.

Drawing amongst all participants taking place on January 8, 2021


Click here to see the Prize Catalog

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